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Who was 'C' speaking of when he said,'This was Sunny's main crew, and nobody f****d with these guys.'? A Bronx Tale
Where did Maury tell Jimmy they were shaving points?Goodfellas
What is the name of the housing projects that Kane and O-Dogg live?Menace II Society
Who was the designer of Lester Diamonds outfit when Ace approached him in the diner?Casino
Mary Corleone was assasinated in this town.Godfather
What is the Name of Ricky Bakers High School?Boyz-N-The-Hood
Officer Jake Hoyt saves a young girl from getting raped, what is her cousins name?Training Day
The name of Birdies street ball team in the Shootout?Above The Rim
Hint or Movie QuoteMovie
This actor played a gang-member who was high on angel dust and wearing nothing but an adult sized diaper.Colors
Q gives his little brother a boom-box, in the scene, the young boy was wearing apparel for what NFL team?Juice
The Mario-Test requires getting the attention of someone driving what type of vehicle?A Bronx Tale
What is the name of Michelle Pfeiffer's character?Scarface
Were was Phil Connors when he made love like a sea otter?Groundhog's Day (LOL It's a gangster movie to me)
When Henry Hill first meets Jimmy Conway, what drink does Jimmy order?Goodfellas
Name 4 cities in which Tommy conducted his business Belly

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