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Can you name the famous ancient Greeks who had the same name?

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King of Macedon and Persia, and his uncle, king of Epeiros
King of Sparta, king of Macedon, alleged murderer of Philip II and author of 'Guide to Greece'
4th century governor of Athens, appointed by Kassander, and his Antigonid opponent
Sister of Alexander the Great and the last Ptolemaic pharaoh of Egypt
Author of famous paradoxes and founder of the Stoic school of philosophy
Three Macedonian kings and the first regent of Alexander's empire
Kings of Macedon; one was the greatest to bear this name, another the second last to bear the title
Two female rulers of Karia
King of Sparta and Chian historian
Thracian general in the Battle of Marathon and his uncle
Two generals under Alexander the Great
Athenian politician and Spartan traitor

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