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Can you name the facts about space?

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The closest star to Earth
Earth's closest natural satellite
Planets in our solar system (as of 2010)
Current space station in orbit. Hint: It's an international cooperation
United States' way of getting into space for 29 years
Each of the vehicles in the previous question have names. Can you name one of them?
Brrr is it cold at our North and South poles. Can you name the other planet in our solar system with poles
Now, can you name the lander in May 2009 that landed at the Martian Northern pole?
Space FactAnswerFun Info
What does NASA stand for?
Ok, for those who complain quizzes are too US centric, what does ESA stand for?
Let's take a brief trip to this belt near Neptune containing many of its own objects. Can you name it?
Let's stay local for a minute. Mars has an atmosphere, but it's different from Earth. Can you name the #1 gas in Mars' atmosphere?
So yeah, we've been to the moon. I know it's been a while! Can you name the year we stepped foot on the moon last?
When I say stepped, it's more like hopped, because the moon has a different gravity from Earth. Can you name how much gravity it has compared to earth (fraction please)
Our space tour and trivia quest is nearing the end. Speaking of which, what cloud is at the end of our solar system?
All right, now lets end our journey in space back on a runway on Earth. Name one of the sites where America's current rocket lands (site, facility not needed)

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