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First Flight 
First Commander 
First Pilot 
Rush song written after Columbia's launch 
Number of Dockings to the International Space Station 
Columbia's Last Flight 
First Flight 
Vehicle Designation (Hint: Two Letters Followed by Numbers) 
Challenger was considered the ___ of the shuttle fleet 
Carried up this first American woman in space 
Challenger's Last Flight 
First Flight 
Deployed this famous satellite in 1990 
Has flown these many 'return-to-flight' flights 
Flew this original Mercury astronaut making him the oldest man to ever go to space 
Flying on STS-92, Discovery marked this space shuttle milestone 
First Flight 
Atlantis was the first shuttle to dock with this space station 
Atlantis performed the final Hubble repair mission given this mission designation 
First Flight 
Endeavour was made after the destruction of this shuttle 
Endeavour added this first American piece to the International Space Station 
Endeavour is scheduled to fly STS-134, which will be this milestone in Space Shuttle history 
Endeavour's crew once performed the most people out on a space shuttle spacewalk, or EVA. How many people were there? 

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