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Can you name the words that contain 'air'?

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A device used for people with difficulty walking
A county time of fun or part of a question asked to a mirror
A television show containing multiple choice questions and lifelines
To fix something which is broken
A game involving seven rows of cards which the goal is to get all cards in piles staring with Aces
The former name of the Democratic Republic of Congo
One of the two companies which flew the Concorde airplane
Another way of saying driving while drunk which fits the category
A device used in submarines and spacecraft usually involving two doors to safely get in and out
The capital and also the largest city in Argentina
An aircraft manufacturer based in France
Milk and cheese, for example
a long thin cream puff filled with whipped cream or custard and topped with chocolate frosting
A movie series staring Leslie Nielsen (Hint: it involves a blowup doll flying)
A book by Laura Ingalls Wilder

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