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Can you name the Hearthstone - Expansion Legendaries By Quote?

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Forced Order
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QuoteCard Name
I taste the essence of your soul.
Behold the rage of the Firelands!
A game? So kind of you to join me.
Bow down before the God of Death.
Who's up for an adventure?
Let's negotiate. You concede, and I'll let you live.
I fish bigger game.
The Scourge will consume you!
Witness the power of pure water!
All realities, all dimensions, are open to me.
TONIGHT, a tale of glorious redemption.
You cannot stop the Kvaldir!
Welcome to Gadgetzan!
Keep it quick, kid, I ain't got all day.
Welcome to the Grand Tournament, Champion.
Come forth, coward!
I see you.
Take this time to consider your past deeds.
I am the darkest night.
Surrender your will to the Kabal.
The might of Dalaran has arrived!
Do you have the artifact?
QuoteCard Name
Behold the armies of Stormwind.
We are the True Horde!
Gaze into the void.
A hundred kings will rise again!
My life is your shield.
Prepare yourself for the ultimate test!
I have returned.
Hostile entities detected.
At last, a worthy disciple.
To his will all flesh succumbs! (What he said!)
The dragons shall kneel before me!
The True Horde cannot be stopped!
My dreaming ends... Your nightmare... begins...
Hey, join the Goons. (Or meet my fist!)
Ra! Reinforcements be here!
You are bound to me, demon! Uhhh, I think.
Gorge your hatred. Embrace your rage!
By the power of Ragnaros, I have the power!
Pick a card... any card.
Behold, my mighty invention!
The feast of souls begins now!
Let's show our guests a good time.
Show them no mercy.
The Menagerie is for guests only.
I'll take on the lot o' ya.

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