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Can you name the details about the plot of the well-known book?

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In which town did Lennie touch a girl's red dress?
Which town is the Salinas River 'a few miles south' of?
Which animals come to 'drink in the dark' from the pool?
Which animal does Lennie have in his pocket to stroke?
Who gave Lennie soft things to stroke in the past?
What does Lennie threaten to do when George gets mad at him?
Who, according to George, are the 'loneliest people in the world'?
What does George tell Lennie to do if he gets into trouble?
Who is the first person George and Lennie meet on the ranch?
What does George find on the shelf next to his new bed?
Why does Crooks have a crooked back?
What does the boss wear to prove he's 'not a labouring man'?
How does George explain Lennie's lack of intelligence to the boss?
What is Curley's left glove supposedly full of?
Which card game do the ranch hands most frequently play?
Which bird's feathers were on Curley's wife's shoes?
What colour of dog does Lennie want?
Who shoots Candy's dog?
What does Whit want to show Slim?
Where do Whit and 'the boys' normally go on a Saturday night?
Who overhears George telling Lennie about their dream of having a farm?
Which animal does Lennie want to keep the most?
Why are the old people who own George's dream farm selling the land?
How does Lennie injure Curley in the fight?
What does Curley's wife threaten to do to Crooks?
What is suspended from its pulley over a pile of hay in the barn?
What did Curley's wife want to be?
What does Lennie kill before Curley's wife enters the barn?
How does Lennie kill Curley's wife?
What does the Aunt Clara produced by Lennie's mind turn into?
What type of gun does George use to shoot Lennie?
Who says the last line of the novel?

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