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Can you name the four-letter words connected to classic rock?

Quiz Updated Sep 12, 2013

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Clue4-Letter Word
♫ ____ Straits, e.g. 'Sultans Of Swing' ♫
To eat
Alcoholic drink made from grape juice
♫ '____ Of Change', Scorpions song ♫
To tie or fasten something tightly
♫ CCR song, 'Up Around the ___♫
♫ Judas Priest song, 'Hell ____ For Leather' ♫
Pre-Easter fasting period for Christians
Short fibres of material
To raise or elevate
♫ ' A Day In The ____', The Beatles song ♫
Female spouse
Thin metal thread or rod
Clue4-Letter Word
♫ Pink Floyd song, 'Wish You ____ Here' ♫
In this place
Fast, long-eared mammal
Christmas carol, '____! The Herald Angels Sing'
To cut or chop roughly
Pawn an item
One focused on athletics
♫ 'Jumpin' ____ Flash', Rolling Stones song ♫
To give financial or moral support
Loud cry of an animal, e.g. a dog
A large farm building for storing produce
♫ Bruce Springsteen song, '____ To Run' ♫

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