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Can you name who said these quotes from The Adventures of Tintin books?

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QuoteCharacter(s) name _____...Me Estonian.
To be precise, that's our motto, dumb's the word.
Great snakes!
Tintin on our trail...Kruzit├╝rcken! We shall have to keep our eyes open.
So I said to myself: '______,' (that's my name), ______ _____ of Rock Bottom Insurance...
Billions of blue blistering barnacles!
Seventy suffering samurais!
You have no right to say such a thing!...Acting the goat!
By the whiskers of K├╗rvi-Tasch!
One day you'll regret you crossed my path!
Ah my beauty past compare, these jewels bright I wear!
My prices will astonish you.
It's for you, Blistering Barnacles, from me.
This is a happy reunion, eh, old bottle-nose? We must have a drink on it.
Poor little lamb! How sad he must be, so far from his Papa.
Caramba, Tintin!
This is a butcher shop, sir..._____ the butcher!...Not at all, sir!

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