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Can you name the things about Mark Pham in Vietnam?

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Forced Order
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Mark’s Room number during the first year
Mark’s room number during the second year
Number of Hammocks in Mark’s room
Favorite Vietnamese Drama
Deodorant I use here
Color of my bicycle
Name of Horror Movie I made here
Month I left the USA
Number of km between my and the Khai Tri orphanage that I have to bike
Most common name in my phone
Favorite BPL Team
Peak number of laptops in my room at once
Peak number of people in my room at once
Peak number of grown men sleeping in my bed at once
Gift a friend left in my bed after the 2008 Christmas party
Movie I made 4 of my classes watch together as an assignment
Where I resided during June 2009
The first article of clothing I repaired in my sewing class
The first kind of fish I caught in the Mekong River
Time University gate locks up
Group I arrived with

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