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Male Professionals
#1 Golfer (Dec 10) 
#2 Golfer (Dec 10) 
#3 Golfer (Dec 10) 
#4 Golfer (Dec 10) 
#5 Golfer (Dec 10) 
Famous Golf Courses
(Acronym S A) 
(First Letter Hint V) 
(Acronym A N) 
(First Letter Hint S) 
(Acronym P B) 
Leading Golf Club Manufacturers
(FIrst Letter Hint M) 
(FIrst Letter Hint P) 
(FIrst Letter Hint T) 
(FIrst Letter Hint N) 
(FIrst Letter Hint T) 
(FIrst Letter Hint C) 
(FIrst Letter Hint Y) 
(FIrst Letter Hint C) 
Highest Ranking Competitions
5th Major..... 
One Under Par 
Two Under Par 
Three Under Par 
Four Under Par 
Five Under Par (yes it does exist!!) 
One Over Par 
Two Over Par 
Heaven or Hell
Clue - Sandy Trouble 
Clue - Not Coffee!! 
Clue - Very Wet 
Clue - Way off target dear sir!! 
Clue - Quite a Distance..... 
Clue - Waves in the Wind 
Clue - What we all strive for... 
Clue - Blue would look weird.... 
Clue - ....... and ready? 
Clue - Ahhhh at last we're there..... 
Golf General Knowledge
Modern Game Originated in? 
An advantage maybe for some? 
Points Scoring Format? 
To compete on each hole as a seperate contest? 
How many clubs can be carried in the bag? 
To replay a golf shot? 
Nickname - The White Shark 
Golf is jointly governed by the USGA & what? 
Golfers must abide by a set of guidelines called? 
A Handicap of 0 would be called what? 

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