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Can you name the UK's Favourite Magazines in 2013?

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TV Listings1,282,276
TV Listings1,081,176
Women's Weeklies713,778
TV Listings577,338
Health and Parenting408,348
Women's Weeklies382,794
Women's Weeklies341,084
Women's Weeklies316,086
Women's Monthlies315,461
Women's Weeklies293,891
Women's Weeklies273,680
Women's Weeklies273,397
Women's Weeklies249,720
TV Listings231,261
Women's Weeklies220,797
Women's Weeklies212,794
Women's Weeklies212,431
Women's Monthlies211,649
Women's Weeklies208,895
Women's Weeklies207,676
Women's Weeklies201,019
Women's Weeklies197,390
Women's Monthlies197,187
Children and Teen196,853
Women's Weeklies195,144
Women's Monthlies195,042
Women's Monthlies172,595
Women's Weeklies170,111
Women's Weeklies169,938
Women's Weeklies168,875
Women's Weeklies166,961
Women's Monthlies144,864
Health and Parenting144,583
TV Listings139,356
Home Interest135,338
Women's Monthlies130,331
TV Listings126,827
Women's Weeklies126,165
Women's Monthlies123,504
TV Listings122,091
Women's Weeklies118,286
Home Interest114,157
Men's Lifestyle109,662
TV Listings104,412
Women's Weeklies103,813
Women's Monthlies101,720
Home Interest93,970
Children and Teen91,036
Women's Monthlies90,007
Health and Parenting88,761
Home Interest86,418
Home Interest84,627
Music and Film84,343
Women's Monthlies81,260
Women's Monthlies78,148
Home Interest75,630
Women's Monthlies75,191
TV Listings74,151
Children and Teen72,724
Home Interest69,276
TV Listings68,359
Home Interest67,988
Children and Teen64,750
Children and Teen62,580
Children and Teen60,949
Women's Weeklies60,394
Children and Teen59,167
Home Interest57,743
Children and Teen56,606
Children and Teen54,534
Children and Teen53,079
Men's Lifestyle52,848
Home Interest52,612
Home Interest51,815
Men's Lifestyle51,765
Children and Teen51,602
Children and Teen51,150
Men's Lifestyle50,343
Children and Teen48,837
Children and Teen46,498
Children and Teen43,300
Children and Teen42,864
Children and Teen42,735
Women's Monthlies40,536
Children and Teen40,184
Children and Teen39,602
Sport and Leisure39,201
Children and Teen39,149
Children and Teen38,345
Health and Parenting38,189
Children and Teen36,710
Children and Teen36,572
Women's Monthlies36,460
Music and Film36,030
Women's Monthlies35,943
Children and Teen35,795
Children and Teen35,601

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