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Can you name the most popular people on Wikipedia who were born in Asia?

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Millions of Page ViewsAnswerSex, Activity, Country, Born in
60.30M, Religious, Palestine, -4
45.55F, Actor, Israel, 1981
45.52M, Extremist, Saudi Arabia, 1957
44.37M, Social Activist, India, 1869
44.21M, Actor, Hong Kong, 1954
43.03M, Religious, Saudi Arabia, 570
42.91M, Politician, Georgia, 1878
30.40M, Actor, Lebanon, 1964
29.05M, Politician, China, 1893
27.23M, Actor, India, 1965
26.12M, Politician, Iraq, 1937
25.71M, Boxer, Philippines, 1978
23.69M, Philosopher, Nepal, -563
23.19M, Film Director, Japan, 1941
23.08M, Politician, North Korea, 1941
22.73M, Actor, China, 1963
22.36M, Philosopher, China, -551
21.94M, Actor, India, 1965
21.61F, Actor, India, 1973
20.45M, Politician, Turkey, 1494
17.49M, Boxer, Kazakhstan, 1976
17.48M, Advisor, Russia, 1869
16.60M, Cricketer, India, 1973
16.45M, Writer, India, 1903
16.22M, Actor, India, 1965
16.21F, Tennis, Russia, 1987
15.78M, Religious, Turkey, 5
15.34M, Military, Japan, 1534
15.23F, Artist, Japan, 1933
15.08F, Actor, India, 1980
14.84M, Baseball, Japan, 1973
14.65M, Religious, Syria, 0
14.58M, Writer, Japan, 1949
14.50M, Politician, North Korea, 1983
14.46M, Philosopher, Turkey, -635
14.16F, Actor, Oman, 1976
14.12M, Nobility, Iraq, 1138
14.02M, Nobility, Palestine, -1040
13.66F, Religious, Israel, 1
13.64M, Politician, Vietnam, 1890
13.48F, Actor, India, 1982
13.40M, Actor, India, 1942
13.36M, Religious, Israel, -1000
13.31M, Basketball, China, 1980
13.27M, Musician, Israel, 1949
13.07M, Actor, India, 1967
12.82M, Nobility, Japan, 1901
12.66M, Religious, Turkey, 270
12.47F, Singer, Japan, 1978
12.21M, Actor, India, 1974
Millions of Page ViewsAnswerSex, Activity, Country, Born in
12.13M, Wrestler, India, 1972
11.75F, Model, Israel, 1985
11.69F, Politician, India, 1917
11.68M, Politician, Cambodia, 1925
11.62F, Actor, India, 1984
11.37F, Social Activist, Myanmar, 1945
11.19M, Nobleman, Japan, 1933
11.12M, Politician, North Korea, 1912
10.96M, Martial Arts, China, 1893
10.92M, Politician, Syria, 1965
10.88M, Politician, Iran, 1956
10.79M, Military, Japan, 1543
10.70M, Religious, Israel, -5
10.63M, Film Director, India, 1970
10.49M, Politician, China, 1942
10.46F, Actor, India, 1913
10.39M, Musician, Lebanon, 1967
10.36M, Writer, India, 1947
10.06M, Soccer, Japan, 1989
10.03M, Philosopher, Uzbekistan, 980
9.93M, Politician, Japan, 1537
9.84M, Film Director, Japan, 1947
9.83M, Film Director, Japan, 1910
9.78F, Actor, India, 1974
9.70M, Historian, Turkey, -484
9.68M, Writer, India, 1865
9.66M, Actor, India, 1970
9.63M, Religious, Saudi Arabia, 598
9.61M, Military, China, 1887
9.60M, Nobility, Iraq, -2600?
9.60M, Religious, Israel, 280
9.49M, Actor, Singapore, 1984
9.43M, Writer, India, 1861
9.36M, Politician, Iran, 1919
9.26M, Comic Artist, Japan, 1955
9.25M, Writer, Japan, 1925
9.20M, Nobility, China, -259
9.09M, Actor, Hong Kong, 1962
8.90M, Soccer, Japan, 1986
8.84M, Politician, India, 1889
8.76M, Nobility, Iran, -519
8.69M, Actor, Japan, 1959
8.64M, Politician, Israel, 1928
8.57M, Writer, Japan, 1584
8.55M, Politician, China, 1904
8.55M, Musician, Taiwan, 1979
8.51M, Musician, Japan, 1973
8.45F, Actor, India, 1978
8.33F, Singer, South Korea, 1986
8.28M, Chemist, Russia, 1834

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