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Forced Order
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How many members of the Ultimate Sidemen are there?
Who always reads out the title of the GTA Job?
Who is the latest addition to the Sidemen crew?
What is Vik's favourite vehicle in the Motorcycles class?
What is Ethan's GTA character's name?
What colour does Josh use for his vehicle?
What colour does Vik use for his vehicle?
What colour does Tobi use for his vehicle?
What colour does Simon use for his vehicle?
What is the word used to describe strategically taking out first place, usually a tactic employed by Vik?
What is Vik's alter ego in which he uses a Northern accent?
Which member's room is on the top floor of the Sidemen house?
Which member is native to Guernsey?
What is the name given to the water surrounding 'Sprunk' ramps on GTA?
What name does Ethan like to give himself, to the annoyance and amusement of the others?
In team deathmatches on GTA, what name is given to the group consisting of Josh, JJ and Harry?
Complete the GTA username: Child vs ______
By which bird does Vik say his Hybrid cars are powered?
What is Harry's GTA username?
What phrase is commonly said at the start of a GTA race, and is the catchphrase of the group?
Which three members (first names) are part of the Zentorno gang?

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