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Can you name the Harry Potter facts alphabetically?

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A) The type of flying carpet Barty Crouch's grandfather had
B) The plant the 4th years had to extract pus from in Goblet of Fire
C) Harry Potter's biggest fan (in Chamber of Secrets)
D) Password for the secret passageway to honeydukes
E) Incantation for the spell which repels a dementor
F) The type of broom Harry is given in the 3rd book
G) The animal Professor Lupin has in a tank when Harry first visits his office
H) Where Voldemort keeps his soul fragments
I) First name of the headmaster of Durmstrang
J) Type of spell; not hex or curse
K) The Black family's house elf
L) Branch of magic involving mind-reading
M) Makes robes for all occasions
N) What Hagrid names his dragon
O) The best wandmaker
P) Dumbledore's father's name
Q) The Lovegood family magazine
R) The animal Peter Pettigrew can become
S) The Half Blood Prince (full name)
T) The son of Lupin and Tonks
U) Senior undersecretary to the minister in fifth year
V) Bill and Fleur's eldest child
W) Professor Grubbly-Plank's first name
X) Mr. Lovegood
Y) One of Voldemort's death eaters
Z) Slytherin student Blaise...

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