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heres some lyricsSong (in album order)Album From
your bodies empty now as i hold youkilling is my buisness
I am a snyper Always hit the markkilling is my buisness
mean and infectious the evil prophets risekilling is my buisness
wait here i come stand up and plant your feetkilling is my buisness
you doubt your strength or courage dont come to join with mekilling is my buisness
now before they take me and my blessed lifekilling is my buisness
imagine you were at my station and you brought you motor to me (four horsemen)killing is my buisness
you keep saying you got something for mekilling is my buisness
i sneak in my own house its four in the mourningpeace sells
welcome to our sanquinary sect of worshippeace sells
what do you mean i dont believe in god?peace sells
the light that fills my lonely cell is blocked out by the keypeace sells
Hey, I don't feel so good somethings come over mepeace sells
Down fell the stars, as they crashed into the seapeace sells
when a black cat crosses my pathpeace sells
my lifes on time but again my sense is latepeace sells
instrumentalso far, so good... so what?
Red flash, clouds choking out the morning skyso far, so good... so what?
I am an Anti-Christso far, so good... so what?
Forgive me father, for I have sinned I'm a child of the air, I'm a witch of the windso far, so good... so what?
Pull over **** head, this is the cops full tank pockets lined with cashso far, so good... so what?
In my hour of need ha no youre not thereso far, so good... so what?
You take great pride in never having lived up to anythingso far, so good... so what?
Cockroach in the concrete with courthouse tan and beady eyesso far, so good... so what?
Brother will kill brother Spilling blood across the landso far, so good... so what?
Welcom to our fortress tall I'll take some time to show you aroundRust in Peace
Got one chance, infiltrate them get it right terminate themRust in Peace
Bestow upon me magic wizard all knowing all wiseRust in Peace
I miss the warm embrace I felt first time you toched meRust in Peace
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sitting up late at night tiptoe through the darknessRust in Peace
This morning I made the call the one that ends it allRust in Peace
Thermal count is rising in perpetual writhingRust in Peace
Tremble you weaklings, cower in fearRust in Peace
I will give you life and youll serve only me and my will to kill you will kill for only me (remake only)Rust in Peace
I had wrists donning slits flowing constantlyCountdown to extinction
You take a mortal man and put him in controlCountdown to extinction
born from the dark In the black cloak of nightCountdown to extinction
Rise so high, yet so far to fallCountdown to extinction
Hello me, meet the real meCountdown to extinction
It was just another dayCountdown to extinction
Endangered species, caged in frightCountdown to extinction
Do it if you dare Leaping from the skyCountdown to extinction
Assassin in stealth assailent from hellCountdown to extinction
Madness comes and madness goesCountdown to extinction
People have round shoulders from fairing heavy loadsCountdown to extinction
I am the author, dream up your painCountdown to extinction
I like the way that I make you itchYouthanasia
heres some lyricsSong (in album order)Album From
im doing you a favour As I'm taking all your moneyYouthanasia
Only yesterday they told me you were goneYouthanasia
Don't remember where I wasYouthanasia
Uneasy feeling burning out my eyes (greco-roman underworld)Youthanasia
Again we stalk the stage at mach speed we engageYouthanasia
Walking stiff, let me tell ya better left for deadYouthanasia
Forgotten things remembered the tigers eat their youngYouthanasia
Who'd believe with the Way things are hereYouthanasia
Somewhere there's a reason Why things go like they doYouthanasia
Hey, look around you Everything's helter-skelterYouthanasia
Now, one day I started telling everyone That 'Killing Is My Business...'Youthanasia
At the start of time Many centuries agoYouthanasia
Where have the apostles gone? (demo on remaster)Youthanasia
Another IntrumentalYouthanasia
I used to be such a sweet, sweet thingHidden treasures
Make up the rules for me to live byHidden treasures
I'm not going to wake up todayHidden treasures
The more of you that I inspect The more of me I see reflectHidden treasures
If I see the morning hours I'll have one more yesterdayHidden treasures
Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mindHidden treasures
Sacriledge and blasphemy Sets the stage todayHidden treasures
Too many problems, oh why am I hereHidden treasures
Lost in a Dream Nothing's what it seemsCryptic writings
I lied just a little When I said I need youCryptic writings
I heard somebody fixed todayCryptic writings
Anonymous existence, rendered useless to mankindCryptic writings
The slayers arrived On a black horse of steelCryptic writings
I'm lonely and abandoned Washed up, left for deadCryptic writings
He had an unfamiliar face Complete life in disarrayCryptic writings
There's a secret place I like to go Everyone is there, but their face don't showCryptic writings
Mamas pack their lunches, kiddies pack their gunsCryptic writings
The mother of all that is evil Her lips are poisonous venomCryptic writings
Internal combustion Multiple personalitiesCryptic writings
Looking for a cure within the human raceCryptic writings
I'm running in quicksand something's haunting meRisk
My victims are rich or poor, young or old, strong or weakRisk
Here we go CrushRisk
Enter the arena and hit the lightsRisk
Ain't got no job Ain't got no smoke Risk
Something's gone wrong Nowhere do i belongRisk
I heard the voice of redemption For me there is no exemption, I started prayingRisk
As sure as the sun rises in the east Another gunman will come seeking my defeatRisk
You live in a world of fantasy You live in a web of deceitRisk
Full of greed you sell your soul Full of pride a heavy loadRisk
Father time, I'm running lateRisk
I see Chronos His eyes are on fireRisk
Broken down, feeling naked Leaving me unfulfilledCapitol Punishment
heres some lyricsSong (in album order)Album From
Behind closed doors all you live for is takingThe World Needs a Hero
An Iron fist quietly sits inside the Velvet GloveThe World Needs a Hero
Responsibility, an anchor around my neckThe World Needs a Hero
The tides of change pulled us apartThe World Needs a Hero
You give up on yourselfThe World Needs a Hero
Two hearts that shouldn't Talk to each other become closeThe World Needs a Hero
Each day my shortcomings pick my pocketsThe World Needs a Hero
One man speaking the truthThe World Needs a Hero
Let me introduce myself I'm a social diseaseThe World Needs a Hero
oh another instumentalThe World Needs a Hero
Welcome to an empty fortress A mighty wreck that once was proudThe World Needs a Hero
No hears a word I say And my prayers are never answeredThe World Needs a Hero
It appears that Air Force One was shot downThe Sytem has Failed
Its twilight and I wake up hot My body's soaked in a cold, cold sweatThe Sytem has Failed
Dawn breaks evenly today On the truth and the lieThe Sytem has Failed
My life is everything That feeds my thirst that causes sinThe Sytem has Failed
This may seem all too confusing How I could walk away from something so rareThe Sytem has Failed
I served with Jack Kennedy I knew Jack KennedyThe Sytem has Failed
Where were you when it happened Where could you be foundThe Sytem has Failed
Your mind tells you that you've lost your confidenceThe Sytem has Failed
This is the first tale of death in the world When Cain struck down Abel, a family brokenThe Sytem has Failed
The fire burns on and on That drives me on till all is goneThe Sytem has Failed
Auxilium meum a DominoThe Sytem has Failed
The flag that I once planted as a king I abandonedThe Sytem has Failed
I should be calling collect from jail For the things I commit each night in my headUnited Abominations
The quiet war has begun with silent weaponsUnited Abominations
Hiding in any doorway, in any shadowUnited Abominations
Within striking distance from Ground Zero sits a smolderingUnited Abominations
Ethnic cleansing with no defending These acts of genocideUnited Abominations
A great sign appeared Under the stars and the moonUnited Abominations
Anybody searching for action Anything to fill the emptiness insideUnited Abominations
Don't remember where I was I realized life was a game (Duet Version)United Abominations
Recruiting the ill-fated for 'The War' A legion of uneducated, bankrupt soulsUnited Abominations
When someone becomes nothing to anyoneUnited Abominations
He said he'd try just a little bit He didn't want to end up like themUnited Abominations
Final IntrumentalEndgame
For this I was chosen because I fear nothingEndgame
It was a cool winter's morning Somewhere shortly past 9:00 AMEndgame
Grinding my teeth, white knuckles grasp at the wheelEndgame
They ball-gagged Lady Justice And blindfolded her so she can't seeEndgame
This thing called 'life' goes by so quicklyEndgame
I woke up in a black FEMA box Darkness was all around me, in my coffinEndgame
Such a pretty face, radiant I saw you, across the roomEndgame
Time to take your last walk in this world Before your journey begins undergroundEndgame
Far off on the horizon you can barely see their torchesEndgame
I barely get to the graveyard shift on timeEndgame

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