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In what year did The Price is Right franchise begin?
In what year was the show revamped to look like the show we know and love today?
Who hosted the show originally?
Who hosted the re-vamped show originally? (the show as it appears today)
What did this host encourage viewers to do at the end of each show?
Who is the current host (as of 2007)?
What does the announcer shout to call contestants to contestants' row?
How much do you win for a perfect bid on contestants' row?
How many pricing games are played each episode?
What is the name given to the show's finale bidding game?
How many sections does the giant wheel have?
What are the two green number amounts on the wheel?
What is the only number amount written in red on the wheel?
How many times is each contestant allowed to spin the wheel?
What is the initial bonus for spinning exactly a dollar on the giant wheel?
Who is the current announcer (as of 2011)?
What were the models referred to from 1972-2007?
What is the minimum age for audience members?
The show encourages the audience to avoid what color shirt?

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