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Forced Order
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What is the name of Yusuke's Spirit Beast?
What is Kuwabara's first name?
What color are Hiei's two eyes?
Which Saint Beast did Kurama fight?
Whose wish was it to never be bothered again by the Dark Tournament Committee?
Is Botan's natural hair color blue?
What is on Koenma's forehead?
Who is attracted to Sensui?
Who turned out to be the narrator?
Which character was falsely mistaken as a female character in the Philippines version of the show?
Which character was falsely mistaken as a male character in the Philippines version?
Who is Yusuke's mother?
What is Kuwabara called in the Poltergeist Report movie?
When Yusuke transformed into a demon, what did it look like he had been playing with?
Who killed Byakko?
Who turns green in his 'full demon form?'
Kurama has a school mate who starts out as an enemy in season 3 then later helps out. Who is he?
Which of the three kings is actually female?
Name a Dark Tournament Announcer
How many episodes of YYH is there?

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