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QUIZ: Can you name the Can you finish these sentances??

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Finish these sentances
'The earth revolves around the ___'
'in the center of the earth is the ___'
'Theres another layer to our earth inbetween the crust and the core its called the ___'
'the galaxy we live in is called the ___ ___'
'moving continents is called continental ___'
'a chain of mountins under the sea are called an
'the earths outer layer of a dozen giant slabs of rock and many smaller ones these are called'
'when the ground shakes its called an ___'
'several times during the earths history a massive ____ or commet has struck'
'joining small nuclei together to create elements this is called ____'
'BONUS QUESTION! bill said ' when im older i want to be a ____ , beacuse i like to make people happy'

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