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Can you name the Movies based on Stephen King stories?

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1976Sissy Spacek
1980Jack Nicholson
1983Dee Wallace-Stone
1983Christopher Walken
1983Keith Gordon
1984Linda Hamilton
1984Drew Barrymore
1985James Woods
1985Gary Busey
1986Emilio Estevez
1986River Phoenix
1987Arnold Schwarzenegger
1989Dale Midkiff
1990David Andrews
1990James Caan
1993Timothy Hutton
1993Ed Harris
1994Tim Robbins
1995Robert Englund
1995Kathy Bates
1996Robert John Burke
1997Miguel Ferrer
1998Ian McKellen
1999Tom Hanks
2001Anthony Hopkins
2003Jason Lee
2004Johnny Depp
2004David Arquette
2007John Cusack
2007Thomas Jane
2009Christian Slater

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