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What is the other name for Smeagol?
Who is the only elf in the Fellowship?
'Gimli, son of______'
Who accompanies Frodo to Mount Doom?
What is the age that the events of LOTR take place
What is the land of the Hobbits?
What is the capital city of Gondor?
What is the number of rings given to dwarven lords?
Who is the king of Rohan?
What is the name for the realm beneath the Lonely Mountain?0
Who is Thorin Oakenshield's Grandfather
Who is High King of the elves (2nd Age)?
What is the city of seven gates?
What is the actual name for the wizards?
Who was the ultimate evil of Middle-earth?
What was the evil being that helped Morgoth destroy the Trees of Light?
What is the elvish name for Rivendell?
Who was the only hobbit that could ride a full horse?
What was Aragorns assumed name once he becomes King?
the grandmother of Arwen.
The name of the creator of Middle-earth
The angelic beings that helped the One
Morgoth stole these and began a war
The seeing orbs
The Silver Tree of Valinor
The Gold Tree of Valinor
What ended the First Age?
The first 'era' of Middle-earth
Eru's adopted children
The Father of Dragons
The major port city in Gondor
The mortal brother of Elrond
What was Sauron known for being in the Silmarillion
Morgoth's Mace?
Who is the main character of The Children of Hurin
Who takes Frodo to Rivendell after being stabbed by the Morgul Blade
The names of the Blue Wizards
Smeagols cousin
Who lives in the Old Forest near the Barrow Downs
The Final Battle to End Everything

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