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Survey Says Yes (Y) or No (LEAVE BLANK)Extra Info
Answer these next questions honestly in your experience with video games. The right answer is your honest answer. If your answer is 'no' leave the answer box blank.The answer to this question is START.
Have you ever broken a controller?- rage?-
Have you ever made someone rage-quit?-
...five or more people in the same game?-
Have you ever rage-quit?-
Have you ever played a game drunk?-
Have you ever played a game high?-
Do you currently have a consoles from Sony, Microsoft, AND Nintendo?It must be all three.
Do you currently have a PS3, Xbox 360, AND a Wii, specificly?Again, it must be all three.
Do you currently have a console as old as or older than the SNES?1991 or older
Do you currently have a console older than the NES?Older than 1985
Do you currently have a handheld console?-
Have you ever bought a console that was broken?-
Have you ever bought a console brand new?-
Have you ever thought a game that was regarded as the best game of all time was merely all right?Examples: Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, etc.
...have you ever thought one was flat-out bad?Use examples above for reference or think of your own.
Have you ever had the power go out while you were playing?-
Have you ever gotten the gamer's eye?They are really bloodshot eyes from the radiation of your TV for playing for about five or more hours at a time.
Do you have a game with a 'Property of ________' sticker on it?Example: 'Property of Blockbuster.'
Do you alphabetize your game library?-
Have you ever payed more than $60 for a game?This is for ONLY the game, not any collector's statues or whatever that comes with it.
...more than $90?-
Survey Says Yes (Y) or No (LEAVE BLANK)Extra Info
Have you ever wondered what the Analog button on the Playstation controllers did?-
Have you ever screen-looked more than the acceptable three times in one game? -
Have you ever hacked an online multiplayer game?-
Do you currently play games on a screen that is bigger than your arm if you put it diagonally?Not counting PC games, of course.
Has a game ever made you cry?Whether it be tears of joy or of anger
Do you have prescription glasses? -
Have you ever pulled an all-nighter gaming marathon?With or without friends is fine
Have you ever bought an accessory just to play one game? If the game came with it, it counts.
Have you ever disliked a game, came back to it, and then enjoyed it?-
Have you ever used a walkthrough more than 50% of a game?I'm talking about more of the main quest rather than secrets in the game.
Do you own anything by Nintendo Power?Magazines, posters, items, etc.
Have you ever dressed-up or pretended you were someone in a video game?I'm talking about experiences where you ever 15 or older.
Have you ever played a game completely naked?-
Have you ever played through an entire game just to get stuck on the final boss?You have to not been able to beat that boss to this day for it to count.
Have you ever taken an entire console out of the house to play somewhere else?Handhelds, obviously, don't count.
Have you ever deliberately disobeyed a clear video game warning? -
Do you currently own a modded console?Customized counts as 'modded.'
Has a game ever made you injure yourself physically?A mark of some kind had to be made, and blisters don't count.
Has a person of the opposite gender of yourself beat you in a game?If you are a woman, sorry.
Have you ever played a game with your lover?-
Has a game ever made you scared?Startled doesn't count, I'm talking actually on edge.
Did you enjoy this survey?As always, be honest. :)

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