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Description of box artGameConsole
A red Ferrari F50 on a wet downtown road.Xbox
A skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex of a certain Michael Crichton novel with a tropical background.Genesis
A man sprinting from the explosion of a radio telescope on the bottom of the box art, and the same man pointing a gun at you with a woman beside him at the top.Nintendo 64
A spiked hair boy looks down at his pond reflection of himself as a man.Xbox
A frightened Italian man in green screaming at you with multiple ghosts behind him.GameCube
A man holding a very long whip looking up at a castle in the distance as well as a faded vampire in the sky.NES
A close up of a god's eye with white and red skin surrounded the eye.PS3
Several block-like shapes that fall from the stars with the subtitle, 'FROM RUSSIA WITH FUN!'NES
A white Ford GT with interior exposed with a completely white background.PS2
A close up of a man with white hair and a white moustache complete with a headband and eyepatch.PS3
A dragon blowing fire on a turtle with cannons on its back in an arena.Nintendo 64
A Spartan with a gun in his hand looks back to the sun on the horizon of hills.Xbox 360
A friendly gray dolphin in the ocean.Dreamcast
Four people, all with guns; the center man with a soul patch goatee is leaning on his gun with two arms.Xbox 360
A black and white cover art with two main character faces and in the background is a little girl by a house while it is snowing.Playstation
A puppet-looking fox in clothes looking diagonally up with three spaceships in space in the background.SNES
A small purple dragon on an island surrounded by fire with a bull and a castle in the background.Playstation
Nine different people playing five different sports: boxing, bowling, golf, tennis, and baseball.Wii
Two Italian brothers racing invisible vehicles both with controllers in their handsWii
A blonde young man with a clear sword standing in the ocean near the beach.PS2
An outline of a blue hedgehog and the shape of a red echidna.Genesis
A blue hedgehog pointing in two different directions with an ocean background.Dreamcast
Four similarly looking elvish characters of the colors green, red, violet, and blue facing back-to-back in a circle toward a hoard of enemies surrounding them.GameCube
A young monkey and his girlfriend on a large pirate ship containing his locked-up uncle and several animal enemies.SNES

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