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Can you name the all of the typose ?

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QuotteTypoeGmae (Charactor)
'____!'River City Ransom (gangster)
'I never through I'd be ______ over the jungle.'Aero Fighters
'Your fists of evil are about to meet my steel wall of ________'Fatal Fury Special
'The barrier ________ me from going there.'Mega Man 8 (Mega Man)
'The truck ____ started to move'Metal Gear (Solid Snake)
'Ouch! What do ___ do?Goonies II (numerous NPC's after being hit)
'____ who does not have the Triforce can't go in.'The Legend of Zelda (Old Man)
'Get me ______!'Magic Sword (prisoner)
'Destroy the mother brain the mechanical ____ ____'Metroid (Galaxy Federal Police M510)
______ winnerBig Rigs: Over the Road Racing
Push the _____Harvest Moon 64
______________ !!! You have completed a great game. And _______ the justice of our culture. Now go and rest our heroes!Ghostbusters
'I am _____.'Zelda II: Adventure of Link (_____)
QuotteTypoeGmae (Charactor)
'__ that really you???'Super Mario 64 (Yoshi)
_____ get!Super Mario Sunshine [JPN] OR スーパーマリオサンシャイン
“Being the wise and __________ knight that you are you feel ________ welling in your body.”Ghosts N' Goblins
A year has passed since _____ and Jimmy defeated the shadow warriors.Double Dragon 3
'_____ weight and ride the elevators'Milon's Secret Castle (Barnaby)
'_______!'Samurai Showdown
'All your ____ ___ _____ to us.'Zero Wing (Cats)
'First, attempt to contact _______ our Grey Fox'Metal Gear (Big Boss)
'I ____ asleep!!'Metal Gear (guard)
A ______ __ youPro Wrestling
'Eastmost __________ is the secret.'The Legend of Zelda (Old Man)
'Somebody set __ __ the bomb.'Zero Wing (Mechanic)

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