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Can you name the Chouse Lads?

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Can you name current and ex-chouse lads?Name (Surnames and Nicknames)
Well 'ard/from the east end
Geek/once arrested for violent conduct
Support Fulham/Same name as Gavin and Stacy Character
Support an italian team/like to think i am italian
Once performed the worm in ms batty's class/Saints fan
Was a blood at school and cast as Legolass in Chouse of the Rings
Was once rumoured to have slashed someone with a bottle/ call Rumball jungle
Once boasted he had shagged more girls than I have had hot meals/wind in the willows character
Has a profile picture exclaiming united, kids, wife - in that order
Descends from Ghengis/Gut
Favourite player used to be Mutu/rumoured to be engaged
Infamous for arguments with the rents/notorious ladyslayer
Often portrayed as a chipmunk/notoriously competitive
Facebook vilain/LOT presenter/Once lied about being Gus of Toad Hall to a female
ISFA Cup winner/usually spotted playing sport/nuevo smoker
Ledge (think about this one)
Can you name current and ex-chouse lads?Name (Surnames and Nicknames)
Once played the piano at a Toad Hall Fest/shares a surname with Eddie
Known to read the paper back-to-front/rarely spotted running or walking quickly, once insulted by Deaks for his weight
Regularly spotted popping pills and killing b****es
Too nice for his own good/East Anglia uni is one of his likely destinations next year/Once shaved his eyebrows off
On the DL shagged Aimes/Dad's scary/lives in Wimbledon
Been promoted a year/Rarely spotted conversating with the opposite sex
A bit cleaverer than the rest/I will still be richer than you/keen Chess player/once successfully bsed the head man
Once pulled Ismay/Goes by the name of a cricketer on fb/been known spend time in hotel lobbies
Oldest man alive today/Once had a group of mates shouting paedo at him in BarMed
Name rhymes with Obudu
King of the Pit/Often advocating the every man for himself attitude/a nasty piece of work
Often spotted fighting on Lessington/A man of few words who enjoyed poo banter
Not too dissimilar to Dr. Reston, a more alternative bread of Chouse lad, avid MNG fan
Once fingerred Rita on the phone to her mum, skitzo attitude towards Chouse girls (which we love)
Dirty Brown Nose ____
Olivia Sheppard

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