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It rains all day when you're not around, and I'm trying my best to come clean with the clouds.
Right here and now, no seconds chances.
I've waited all my life for a bitch like this.
Strike a match, burn me down till I'm nothing.
We can rock the world tonight, and no it doesn't have to be love.
How could you sell me out for a kid like that?
We used to rule the world, every kiss was an adventure.
Have you heard about the new girl on the block, in a black-out Benz?
If you, want to. We'll take the world by storm.
Where did you go? I gave you my heart.
Let's take this back 2005. Drinks are pourin', girls so fine.
What's takin' over my brain tonight?
When I was a kid, I'd fly around and Peter would mention
It don't make sense we made it this far, but I love us just the way we are.
You and I, fell apart like a rag doll, torn at the seams.

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