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Can you name the US President by the Canadian Prime Minister

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Forced Order
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Jean Chr├ętien
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Arthur Meighen (2nd)
Sir Robert Borden
Sir John Thompson
Alexander MacKenzie
Sir John A. MacDonald
Pierre Trudeau
R.B. Bennett
William Lyon MacKenzie King (1st)
William Lyon MacKenzie King (2nd)
Arthur Meighen (1st)
Paul Martin
Brian Mulroney
Lester B. Pearson
Sir John Abbott
Louis St. Laurent
Kim Campbell
Joe Clark
John Turner
Stephen Harper
Sir John A. MacDonald (2nd)
Sir Charles Tupper
Sir MacKenzie Bowell
Pierre Trudeau (2nd)
William Lyon MacKenzie King (3rd)
John Diefenbaker

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