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vehicles commonly used for transport
one of the planets in this Solar System
what kilograms is a measurement of
give to someone
opposite of future
sometimes found on a ship
a group of actors for a film
opposite of first
when you can't find something
how much money you have to pay for something
a person who receives or entertains guests at home or elsewhere
a thing water comes out of
where someone lives
the capital of Italy
used for climbing
someone at a Church
touch something
let out sick
a common name
a collection of water
create something
not female
what horses have
the animal equivalent of a wife or husband
a common female name
used for fishing
make a cake
what you usually bake
what superheroes sometimes wear for some strange reason
stay calm
what babies sleep in
what you put plants in
a collection of small circles
don't care about the world around you
sometimes found on trees
if you spend £3.00 and make £2.00 then you make this
don't win
a romantic flower
an amount of medicine
an insult for a stupid person
round (usually glass) structure
a US form of money
a lemon-like fruit
walk with hesitation
an appliance that gives out light
deposit something
a lump on the back of a camel
force air to escape
move vertically
measles and rubella
similar to dads
US version of the last question
modifications you can get for a game
the way in which something functions
c++ does this
bloody and violent
not here
icecream holder
fancy walkingstick
not insane
something you can play
being well known
unsaturated and saturated
blind mammals
animals with tails
other animals with tails
opens and closes
paste or spread
amount at which something goes
move objects to somewhere
a componant of ice-hockey
the word we shall not say
a bird
what woodpeckers do
touch with tongue
disallows the opening of a door
worn on feet
stores things
do to a lolly
an increased chance
don't have
a common boy's name
used for storing
get to the end the fastest
part of a shoe
infestation of the hair
animals with tails (yet again)
are rolled
a place in France
3 squared

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