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Can you name the words missing from these classic Star Wars trilogy quotes?

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QuoteMissing word/phraseCharacter
'I'd just as soon kiss a ______!'Princess Leia
'But I was going into Tosche Station to ______!'Luke Skywalker
'Mudhole? Slimy? ______!'Yoda
'Ive got ______ about this.'Han Solo
'We're wanted men. I have the ______.'Dr. Evazan
'We're fine, we're all fine, here, now, thank you. _______?'Han Solo
'Don't try to frighten us with ______, Lord Vader.'Admiral Motti
'That's the idea. I've been looking ______.'Greedo
'Hey--it's ______!'Han Solo
'That's no moon. It's ______.'Obi Wan
'But with ______ I can't see anything!'Luke Skywalker
'This R2 unit has a ______, look!'Luke Skywalker
'Mos Eisley spaceport. You'll never find a more ______.'Obi-Wan
'______, I wasn't fast enough! It's all my fault!'C3PO
'Aren't ______ for a stormtrooper?'Princess Leia
QuoteMissing word/phraseCharacter
'But sir, nobody worries about ______.'C3PO
'I want that ship, ______.'Darth Vader
'Sorry sweetheart. I haven't got ______.'Han Solo
'Away ______. I mean you no harm.'Yoda
'...but I want them alive. ______.'Darth Vader
'Scoundrel? Scoundrel?? I ______.'Han Solo
'That blast came from the Death Star! That ______!'Lando Calrissian
'It's an older code, sir, but ______.'Admiral Piett
'If you will not fight, then you will ______.'Darth Vader
'You may have been a good smuggler, but now ______.'Jabba the Hutt
'Lock S-foils ______.'Wedge Antilles
'I am not a ______!'Princess Leia
'Apology accepted, ______.'Darth Vader
'Sir. Sir, I've isolated the ______.'C3PO
'Your feeble skills are no match for the ______.'The Emperor

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