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Can you name the Answers based on a trivia clue, and a clue from a Dos Equis commercial?

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Trivial FactAnswerDos Equis Fact
Natives of this island call it 'El Cocodrilo'They import their Cigars from The Most Intersting Man in The World
People in it's homeland call it a Deutscher SchaferhundThe Most Interesting Man taught one how to bark.... In Russian
Though not used until the 1920's, it is mentioned 11 times in an 1887 Edward Bellamy novelThe Most Interesting Man's personality is so magnetic, he can't carry them.
Evidence shows that tools like this have been used by our ancestors for over 2.5 million yearsThe Most Interesting Man once brought one to a gunfight, just to even the odds.
It is the females of this insect that cause all the problems for humansThey do not bite The Most Interesting Man, purely out of respect
Believers deduce my existence to a relict population of GigantopithecusThey are known to try to capture photos of The Most Interesting Man in the World
Legend has it, this event owes it's origins to a greek messenger delivering his news of victory before collapsing and dyingThe Most Interesting Man once completed it, just because it was on his way

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