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Can you name the Beatles songs from the polished up vocabulary?

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Forced Order
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1. I aspire to accomplish my dream of submerging into the briny expanse, and join a cephalopod mollusk in his sheltered conservatory.
2. All of my experiences from dusk until dawn have been most taxing. The toils I’ve undergone are equivalent to the toils of a canine.
3. Her age was just shy of legal adulthood, I’m sure you can fathom. However, nothing else could quite match up to her aesthetic appeal.
4. Can you determine whether or not I will be essential in your life, or if you can continue to satiate my appetite? When my age reaches near senior citizen status.
5. I beg of you to respond by articulating that my wish of us clasping phalanges will be granted.
6. On a circadian basis, detached from others while perched on a bluff, a gentleman with a chiliad of enunciations rests immaculately tranquil.
7. Fluctuate in an ascending manner this instant, Treasure! Also proceed to bellow whilst you swivel about!
8. That gentleman is in a state of non-existence, dwelling on non-existent terrain, creating an itinerary of non-existent future endeavors, for no potential entities.
9. The Ambiguous Enchantment Excursion is biding it’s time to haul you henceforth.
10. This damsel has the necessary documents to allow her to expedite herself. She isn’t totally exasperated about the deal.
11. Conversation is cascading in a manner similar to non-stop drizzle into a disposable receptacle. It crawls away disorderly as it transverses through space.
12. My fiscal bearings don’t concern me as much as the next guy, the reason for that being that is amorousness has no monetary value.
13. You and I are mutually familiar with one another, one singular tidbit of information I can bestow upon you is that you must emancipate yourself. Materialize as one!
14. Darling, I will allow you the right to operate my jalopy.

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