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Brought a peaceful end to the 'Quasi War' with France
Considered one of the worst US Presidents for his support of the Kansas-Nebraska act
Dropped A-bombs to end WWII and created the 'Fair Deal' in the US
Ended Vietnam War and saw first men on the moon, but Presidency was jilted by Watergate Affair
First President to take over after death of a predecessor. Also annexed Texas for the USA
Led the Presidential Reconstruction and was impeached (but not removed) for his policies favoring the white South. Passed Civil Rights Act of 1866 & 14th Amendment
Led the US through the greatest constitutional, military and moral crisis - the Civil War
Led victory in Spanish-American War and annexed Hawaii
President during the 'era of good feelings' and first ever financial crisis in the USA
Movie Star turned President - he believed in supply side economics and saw a mostly peaceful conclusion to the Cold War
Only Grandson of another President, passed the Sherman-Antitrust Act and led 'Billion Dollar Congress'
Passed the Federal Reserve Act and led US during WWI
Promised 'a return to Normalcy' after WWI and won largest popular vote in US history. However, allowed corruption to mar his Presidency.
Created the New Deal and led the US into WWII
Led controversial health care reform and repealed 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy
Led the US into the War of 1812 against Great Britain
Negotiated the Louisiana Purchase and sent Lewis and Clark out to explore the West
Ordered military operations in Panama and the Persian Gulf
Passed a civil service reform act stipulating that government jobs be awarded on the basis of merit (rather than political connections)
President during Bay of Pigs Invasion and Cuban Missle Crisis
Signed the Compromise of 1850, which included a requirement that runaway slaves be returned to their masters
Served two non-consecutive terms, supported Gold Standard, and intervened in Pullman Strike

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