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Yeah, none of you guys get fly as me, (Song title)/ Matter of fact, none of you guys get high as me, (Song title)/ Post my drip up daily just so they can see, (Song title)
Pick it up, now break that s*** down (break it down)/ Speed it up, then slow that s*** down, on the gang (slow it down)/ Bust it (bust down)
How you look so perfect on your worst days?/ Double C your purses, you deserve it/ N***** in your DM, they be thirsty
What all do you want from me?/ AR's and them (Song title)
I ain't gon' say too much when a n**** speakin' on that hot s***/ F*** the police, 'cause them bitches ain't gon' stop s***
I don't need no molly to be savage, uh ayy/ But when I'm on the molly, I feel savage/ Ayy, my girl the definition of a bad b****
Straight out the streets to a penthouse, Miami beach (Yayo) N***** talk crazy on tweets (Who)/ They don't want it 'cause I come to defeat (They don't wanna)
That n**** a b****, he think he a gangster/ He probably still slangin' 380 (ha)/ Probably told you I'm lit, come get you a sniff
But hurry up and get in your bag, bag, bag, bag/ I wear Dior, not a fad, 'ad, 'ad, 'ad/ I know all these n**** gettin' mad, mad, mad, mad
I got a plan to run up some bands/ You tell me can't, I tell you, 'I am'/ Free all my brothers that's stuck in the can/ Glizzy on me, .38 on jam
I got big packs comin' on the way/ I got big stacks comin' out the safe/ I got Lil Max with me, he the wave/ It's a big gap between us in the game
Are you serious?/ I swear my money get serious/ Okay, all my checks, I just be clearin' it/ She suck my dick 'til she get delirious (Wow)
Keep the pistol on my side (Yeah)/ Case it’s fumes (Smoke)/ She fill my mind up with ideas (Straight up)
They see me blowing up, now they say they want a song/ I got two twin Glocks, turn you to a dancer/ I see two twin opps, leave 'em on a banner
Rose gold Rollie on a **** put the whole damn hood on, huh/ Patron of the New, I had to put the drip on/ Ask me how many n***** I done put on
Stick out ya tongue, (Song title) (Yeah)/ It's ya birthday, can a n**** get you somethin'? (Ayy)
I would give you the world, baby girl/ You just gotta be (Song title) (Oh, oh, oh)/ You don't gotta be perfect (Mmh, mmh, mmh)
Turned up the city, I broke off the notch/ Got some more milli's, I keep me a knot/ I created history and made me a lot
It's just a lil' 10-piece for her/ Just to blow it in the mall, doesn't mean that we're involved I just what?/ I just uh, put a Richard on the card
We got bitches shaking a** in the lot, though/ Big chop knock a n**** out zapatos/ Still getting queso like nachos

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