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LetterAnswerHint/ Episode
DThe man who made amy choose between two life threatening scenarios (Amys Choice)
BThe nickname the doctor gave to the cybermat in craig's house (Closing Time)
FA head in a jar (series 1,2,3)
JThe name donna gave to the genetically created soldier cloned from the doctors DNA (the doctors daughter)
HTourist information robots dressed as angels (Voyage of the damned)
TWhere the Doctpr and River are buried (series 6,7)
NCountry containing Bad Wolf Bay (series 2,4)
MMassive crab like creatures hiding beneath the motorway (Gridlock)
CMax C........ Cruiseliners (Voyage of the Damned)
ZRed amphibian shape changers (The day of the doctor)
WDont Blink (series 3, 5, 6, 7)
PA Prison built to contain the most feared thing in the universe (series 5)
RGiant spider-like creature (The runaway Bride)
LetterAnswerHint/ Episode
ODevice Martha Jones was given by UNIT to rip the world apart (Journey's End)
KThe eye patch lady (series 6)
GThe alternative button to the Red Waterfall in the two streams facility (the girl who waited)
YThe human form the master used after escaping the time war (Utopia)
EArea 52 was built in this country, inside a very large landmark (Wedding of River Song)
QThe famous Monarch who set up the torchwood institute (Tooth and Claw)
ALiving fat creatures (Partners in crime)
LAcronymic name used for Elton Pope's group of Doctor hunters (love and monsters)
SHome planet of the Daleks (Mentioned in all series)
VRomantic city where the doctor takes Amy and Rory on the night before their wedding (Vampires of......)
IThe flower like being who became friends with Chloe Webber (Fear her)
USpecial military/ scientific elite force that the doctor is closely associated with (all series)

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