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In 1998 Ebbe Sand scored the quickest goal by a substitute for which country
Soviet Union goalkeeper in 82,86 and 1990
Captained the French to victory in 1998
City that hosted the semi-final between Germany and Spain in 2010
Romania's 2 goal hero against Argentina in the 2nd Round in 1994
Brazilian named tournament's best player in 1958
Denmark are technically the only country beginning with D to compete, but Zaire did in 1974 and are now known as this
Who refused to play for Scotland in 1986 because Alex Ferguson dropped his mate
Dutch midfielder in 1998 World Cup nicknamed 'The Pitbull'
_____ Irwin, Republic of Ireland full-back in 1994
In the 1962 match between England and Brazil, what did Garrincha manage to tackle
Second Argentine to be sent off in the 1990 final against West Germany
First man to score a goal in a World Cup Final
Scorer of Ivory Coast's first ever World Cup goal
____ Baggio, the other Baggio in 1994 and 1998
This player went into the 1998 World Cup as the World's costliest player after a transfer to Real Betis
The Rheinstadion hosted games in which city in 1974
Player who inexplicably escaped a red card depsite a kick to the chest of an opponent in the 2010 final
One of two portuguese players sent off in the infamous match against The Netherlands in 2006
Nickname of Nanninga, scorer of Netherlands goal in the final against Argentina in 1978

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