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Island of Arthurian legend
Scottish village which appears for only one day every hundred years
More than meets the eye on this planet
Lots of swamps here and home to a little green Jedi
The most powerful man in the universe resides on this planet. Oh and his cat and floating magician too.
Kingdom of Mongo, located on its first moon
R Kelly once sang about this city which is home to The Dark Knight
Lucifer was banished from this place
Large fortress in Middle Earth
Home to the giants of Norse mythology
Planet where Jor El and Lara bore their son
Where Gulliver travelled
Region controlled by Sauron
Ways of getting here include a wardrobe and a painting
It's not Kansas
Nation ruled by Coriolanus Snow
One might encounter a talking baby with his talking dog in this town
This strange British village has a local shop for local people
Look out for the wives in this town
Home planet of Anakin and his boy
Fictional island society in the Atlantic Ocean created by Sir Thomas More
Hall located in Asgard and ruled by Odin
You'll be fighting off zombies in this British pub
You'll find Olivia Newton-John in this place
Land of the dead in Shinto
Last human city on the planet Earth in the Matrix series

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