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'We chew and spit you out; we laugh, you scream and shout'
'Home is not a home it becomes a hell, turning it into your prison cell'
'I shake as I take it in, let the show begin'
'Blistering of earth, terminate its worth'
'The dawn of death, the fight to final breath'
'Feel us breathe upon your face; feel our shift, every move we trace'
'Nitro junkie paint me dead, and I see red'
'Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession'
'If you can understand the me, then I can understand the you'
'Here on the stage the Marshall noise is piercing through your ears, it kicks your ass'
'Darkness imprisoning me, all that I see absolute horror'
'Spineless from the start, sucked into the part'
'Sleep my friend and you will see this dream is my reality'
'Something's wrong shut the light, heavy thoughts tonight'
'When it all crashes down and they break your crown'
'They come to take your life ...'
'Deathly loss this can't be real, can't stand this hell I feel'
'Pain monopoly, ritual misery; chop your breakfast on a mirror'
'So let it be written, so let it be done'
'But now it's time to kiss your ass goodbye'
'Moving back instead of forward seems to me absurd'
'You will die, when I say, you must die'
'My lifestyle determines my death style'
'I have fallen prey to failure'
'Our brains are on fire with the feeling to kill'
'Take a look to the sky just before you die'
'You lie so much you believe yourself'
'When a man lies, he murders some part of the world'
'Off through new day's mist I run'
'Chase the rabbit fetch the stick, she rolls me over, 'till I'm sick'

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