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LyricSong titleFrom the album
'Sorry to have taken so long, must've been a bitch while I was gone'
'Put your hand in my pocket, grab onto my rocket'
'It's a game of who needs who / who's on top: Me or you?'
'The cheapest stuff is all I need'
'We can rock all day, we can roll all night'
'Baby you and me, we're like TNT, add the dynamite'
'We'd go to school, then we'd cut out / Go to the park and space our heads out'
'My mind is getting dirty around 11:30 ...'
'My parents think I'm crazy, they hate the things I do'
'So you've been to the market, and the meat looks good tonight'
LyricSong titleFrom the album
'Remember when the clock strikes 12, the losers always win'
'You're begging for an eyeful but you only get a peek'
'And she was all over me like a cheap suit'
'I'll shoot you down with my love gun baby'
'It's been a month or two since I was sleeping with you '
'Fans wanted us to play / We hear and we obey'
'I wanna put my log in your fireplace ...'
'When I go through her, it's just a hot knife through butter'
'She makes love on a brass bed while her parents are still away'
'And yet you must be worthy of the prophecy / Seek and you shall find your destiny'

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