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Can you name the states ranked by area of their largest congressional district?

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RankStateDistrict Number and Size
1At-Large: 570638 mi^2
2At-Large: 145547 mi^2
3At-Large: 97091 mi^2
4At-Large: 75811 mi^2
52nd: 71740 mi^2
62nd: 69443 mi^2
7At-Large: 69001 mi^2
83rd: 67435 mi^2
923rd: 58059 mi^2
102nd: 55830 mi^2
111st: 55039 mi^2
121st: 52542 mi^2
133rd: 49730 mi^2
142nd: 43224 mi^2
152nd: 40015 mi^2
163rd: 34117 mi^2
177th: 33430 mi^2
188th: 32867 mi^2
192nd: 27558 mi^2
201st: 25028 mi^2
217th: 23037 mi^2
224th: 22756 mi^2
234th: 22338 mi^2
248th: 19901 mi^2
254th: 19250 mi^2
RankStateDistrict Number and Size
262nd: 15552 mi^2
2721st: 15115 mi^2
2815th: 14696 mi^2
295th: 14453 mi^2
301st: 12082 mi^2
315th: 10712 mi^2
327th: 10156 mi^2
335th: 10030 mi^2
343rd: 9746 mi^2
352nd: 9626 mi^2
36At-Large: 9217 mi^2
377th: 9160 mi^2
382nd: 8614 mi^2
396th: 8063 mi^2
403rd: 7810 mi^2
418th: 7256 mi^2
426th: 7215 mi^2
432nd: 6489 mi^2
442nd: 6213 mi^2
451st: 3977 mi^2
461st: 2350 mi^2
472nd: 2093 mi^2
482nd: 1988 mi^2
49At-Large: 1949 mi^2
502nd: 765 mi^2

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