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Song TitleBand
Fake Plastic Airbag Police
The Folsom Ring Line Blues
We Didn't Start Uptown Vienna
The Man with Wuthering Heights Up That Hill
Vogue Girl Virgin Material
Hello, Light My Other Side
Killer Bohemian Bicycle
All Suede Dog Shoes
Come as You Bloom Teen Spirit
Sheena is a Sedated Blitzkrieg
The Rebel Oddity Who Sold Space
Guy, Love is More than Jealous
Shine on You Crazy Brick in the Wall
The Sound of Troubled Water over Mrs. Robinson
The Queen Takes Dancing Money
A Rolling Tambourine Man in the Wind
Sweet Sunday Morning Heroin
Dance Dance Sugar We're a God Damn Arms Race
Stairway to Confused Californa
Love Lost Control Again
Song TitleBand
Come Around, American Basket Case
Smooth Billie in the Criminal Mirror
Common Disco Skirt People
Born in the Road, Dancing in Thunder
What's My Small Thing Again?
A Dedicated Follower of Lola Dancing
Gimme Sympathy for Sugar
Piece of my Summertime Mercedes Benz
Let's Get the Sexual Grapevine
I Can't Explain My Magic Generation
Wouldn't God Be Nice? Barbara Ann Knows
Call Me on the Atomic Telephone
I Wanna Feel Your Fine Submarine
There is a Charming Man, I'm Miserable Now
I Just Called My Life Superstition
God Save the Vacant Anarchy
True Monday in Blue Motion
I'm Just Like Pictures of Friday
Fluorescent Bum on the Dancefloor
It's a West End Sin on My Mind

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