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First word describing the section of Hec Ed and Husky Stadium stands reserved for the student section. Also the contemporary alternative term to Husky.
Word you may proclaim after stubbing your toe in front of your grandmother.
Descriptive term for someone from Denmark.
Building on UW's campus with capacious auditoriums for large boring classes. Most notably Room 130 with 720 seats.
A well insulated window has three of this.
Southern term for corn bread.
Similar to Denmark clue, applied to Poland.
Running Back who wore #1 at UW who was notably undrafted in 2012
The other white meat
Variety of wine commonly offered with dessert
Emotional antic displayed by the losing team's fans once the game is decided.
A boxing match.
2008 Disney film featuring John Travolta's voice.
Defensive Coordinator fired two days after the UW defense gave up 67 points and 777 yards to Baylor in the 2011 Alamo Bowl.
Commonly penalized action by offensive linemen.
The term announced in time with the final auction gavel.
Last name of famous UW Women's Soccer goalie who has recently been seen on the cover of Vogue and on Dancing With the Stars.
Typically underground home for ICBMs.
Prefix meaning one thousand.
Item of clothing worn by men of Scotland.
Michael Knight's vehicle of choice.
Insulating glove for handling hot items.
Plant commonly muddled in a popular Kentucky Derby cocktail.
Abbreviation for the 4th largest US state by area.
Discussion point of little value.
Former UW QB who wore #1 and is one of only two players to be enshrined in the US Pro Football Hall of Fame and Canadian Football Hall of Fame.
Sound expressed by the losing team's fans once the game is decided
Often filled with water and surrounding a castle.
Vehicle in which fans can tailgate prior to Husky football games, which is unique in the NCAA.
UK term (singular) for athletic cleats.
What a harsh judge can be termed to 'throw' at a guilty party.
Term coined by the swedish chef.
Sound made by happy Husky fans in emulation of the mascot
Nickname of current football head coach at UW
Daniel Te'o-Nesheim's specialty.
Second word describing the section of the stands in which students cheer for football and basketball games.

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