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Forced Order
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CategoryCountryExtra info
Most populous1.3 billion
Least populous826
Most densely populated16,754 people/km
Most sparsely populated1.7 people/km
Largest17.08 million km
Smallest0.44 km
Longest coastline202,080 km
Flattest2.4m elevation difference
Most land borders (2 countries - both required)14 each
Highest annual rainfall3784 mm
Richest country (per capita)$118,000
Poorest country (per capita)$200
CategoryCountryExtra info
Most active military personnel2,255,000
Most wine produced5,400 M I
Highest chicken population3.86 billion
Highest pig population466,016,092
Highest turkey population271,676,000
Top oil producer10.25 million bbl/day
Top cocoa bean producer1,300,000 tonnes/year
Highest beer consumption156.9 L (per capita)
Highest obesity rate94.5%
Highest debt241.2% of GDP
Currently ranked least stable and most prone to failureScore: 114.7
Projected largest population by 20501,807,878,574

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