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Can you name the A-Z of epic mafia?

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HintAnswersLetter of alphabet
Pay up 5 bucks for thisA
'17 year old male looking for someone who... Oh wait, no'B
Mafia must do this to winC
Invisime's setupE
Number of different roles as of 3/23F
Made a link that when clicked negged certain people's karmaG
Dudiz's family H
Action of stealing the ball from the opponents teamI
Father of Framed Drunk Driver J
Lucyyy from Elfen LiedK
Boss of EML
Using outside info to win a gameM
'Certified brawndo salesman 'N
HintAnswersLetter of alphabet
I'm doing this because you voted me O
Most played setupP
Was going to organize EM's very own beauty pageantQ
Second most karma'd player R
Name of player that got aceofspadez bannedS
icupp and rednosed were successful at thisT
theeraser's altU
Creator of Yakomania setupV
EM's example of true loveW
Warrior princessX
Converts town to scumY
I had to learn Furrball was a man the hard wayZ
Son of kittenzextra

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