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Can you name the main line stations of Great Britain that are also words?

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Historic countyStation Meaning
Surreyspecies of tree
Essexthe act of crying by certain animals
Sussexarmed conflict
Hampshire'*** fever' a complication of malaria
Dunbartonshirename given to two distinct sports and a key part of another
Cornwallmilitary instrument
Lanarkshiremilitary headgear
Derbyshirea piece of furniture
Kentto take action / distribute cards
Yorkshire West Ridingan impression made in a surface
Derbyshirea type of hat (US)
Hampshirerapid in movement / group of boats
Flintshireform of quartz / part of some guns
Sussexriver crossing
Essexunits of absorption of radiation
Staffordshirespecies of tree or shrub (pl)
Lincolnshirerestoring to health
Hampshirecurved piece of material
Historic countyStation Meaning
Sussexmoved with great effort
Yorkshire East Ridingpart of a vessel
Hampshire (IOW)geographical feature
Warwickshiregeographical features
Sussexpiercing (medical)
Kentthe sheltered side
Worcestershiresolution obtained by leaching
Northumberlandlanded estate (pl)
Cambridgeshireto walk at a certain pace
Glamorgana preposition (archaic)
Lancashirea wrestling hold
Cornwalla standard
Berkshirea public recital
Cornwall'*** moutonnee' a glacial feature
Warwickshirea team game
Sussexa cereal
Kenta prepared snack
Bedfordshiredescriptive of some soils
Yorkshire West Ridinghigh backed seat / to put in order
Historic countyStation Meaning
Yorkshire North Ridingdeceptive trick (pl)
Berkshirean outer covering
Staffordshirepiece of rock
Hampshiremove from side to side
Warwickshireeducational institution
Angleseygeographical feature
Hertfordshirearticles of the same kind
Kentflowing up or out
Caithnesstwisted fibre / part of a candle
Somerset bonusstation name is not the same as the city
Hampshire bonusSouthampton suburb not spelt quite like the bird
Gloucestershire bonuspart of an engine is not the whole station name
Lancashire bonustwo word species of tree
Yorkshire West Riding bonusstation name - one word; geographical feature - two words
Lancashire bonusstation name - one word; geographical feature - two words
Lancashire bonusstation name - one word; geographical feature - two words
Derbyshire bonusspecies of tree is not in dictionary
Lancashire bonusstation name - one word; geographical feature - two words
Devon bonusmedieval headgear is not spelt quite the same as station

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