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Can you name the British underground stations and tram stops that are also words?

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NetworkStation or StopMeaning
Tyne and Wear Metrotransport interchange
Manchester Metrolinkwhere boats can stay
London Undergrounddivine messenger
London Undergroundarchitectural feature
Croydon Tramlinkbuilding for sports or entertainment
London Undergroundmilitary store
London Undergroundcommercial building
London Undergrounddefensive architectural feature
London Undergroundthe act of crying by certain animals
London Undergroundtown incorporated by charter
Manchester Metrolinkto place in a grave
Blackpool Tramwayhut
Sheffield Supertramreligious building
Midland Metrocurved feature
London Undergroundartificial ridge
Tyne and Wear Metrocutting down
NetworkStation or StopMeaning
Nottingham Express Transitwooded area
Manchester Metrolinkform of land tenure
Sheffield Supertramequidistant between start and finish
Midland Metrospecies of tree or shrub (pl)
Tyne and Wear Metrolanded estate (pl)
London Undergroundarchitectural feature
Tyne and Wear Metroarchitectural feature
London Undergroundellipsoid
Docklands Light Railwayspecies of tree
Midland Metroof the monarch
Manchester Metrolinkexchange of goods or services
London Undergroundreligious building
Blackpool Tramwaytall architectural feature
Tyne and Wear Metroeducational institution
London Undergroundhorse drawn carriage
Manchester Metrolinkhorse drawn carriage

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