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How many karats was the ring Pilar described?
What style was the ring cut that Pilar described?
After Warner dumps her, what candy did Elle eat?
What type of silk was the dress that the sales clerk tried to sell Elle?
What color were people trying to make the new pink?
What celebrity gave Elle a letter of recommendation?
Who did Elle talk out of buying a totally heinous cable knit tube-top?
How much did Brooke's workout CD cost in total?
What was showing up on Brooke's ass?
What hairstyle did Chutney have?
What did the banker from 'Blood in the Water' spend the money on?
How many puppies did the hitman from 'Blood In The Water' run over?
What type of bag did Elle's Mom mention?
What TV channel did Callahan mention in 'Whipped Into Shape'?
What reason did the Harvard Admission guys give for admitting Elle?
Who called Gloria Steinem a skank?
How effective is the Bend and Snap on straight men?
Who was chewing gum, which made her look like the maid?
What job does Warner have at the end of the musical?
What is Paulette's salon called?
What color does Elle look great in according to Vivienne?
Elle has the best freaking what? According to Vivienne
What is Bruiser's favorite show?
Who did the Peace Corps overseas inoculating refugees in Family Clinics that she built herself from Mud and Trees?
Who was called a pompous creep?
What country does Paulette love?
Who did Dewey leave Paulette for?
How many beers did Dewey buy Paulette?
How many years did Paulette live with Dewey?
How many kids do Kyle and Paulette have?
Who joins the Peace Corps at the end of the musical?
What political office did Callahan run for?
What drink does Emmett find in Elle's dorm?
What type of car did Sandeep say he would return in?

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