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Can you name the key events in Russian History from 1855-1964?

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Forced Order
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Alexander II
War in 1853-6 
First democratic body formed 
War in 1877-1878 
First act of liberation 
Assassination - 1881 
Alexander III
Finished what father started 
Lenin called it the 'De facto constitution until 1917' 
Started Russian industrialisation 
Minister of Finance  
Nicholas II
Ended at the treaty of Porstmouth 
Father Gapon's march 
Uprising that led to reform 
Reforms that ended uprising 
Reversed many of the above 
Assassination of reformer - 1911 
Main catalyst for downfall? 
Heavily influenced Tsarina 
Provisional Government takeover 
Provisional Government
Last Russian attack against Germany - 1917 
Bolshevik's failed revolution 
Ex General attempts a coup 
Bolsheviks takeover 
Russian surrender negotiation 
Lenin kills democracy in Russia 
Bolsheviks centralised, brutalised and militarised 
Policy of getting through above 
Redest of the red crushed 
Policy of state capitalism 
Prevents party disputes 
Led to power struggle for 4 years 
Not read out at funeral, could have been damaging 
General Secetary 
Apparent agricultural increase, leads to famine 
Assassination of important Bolshevik 
Over 20million killed 
A series of policies 
Great Patriotic 
Red Tsar falls 
Secert speech causes this 
Campaign to increase produce 
Khruschev uses repression 
Confrontation with U.S.A. 
Leader loses power 

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