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Short Story by Joyce, involves a trip to a bazaar
Capital and largest city in N. Ireland
Also known as the Republic of Ireland
Catholic whose house was burned down, put into a mental hospital
Hillish tomb that's illuminated on winter solstice
Dublin's main street, referred to in many Joyce stories
talked too much, couldn't understand his fate
The desired destination of the narrator in 'An Encounter'
Known as 'crossroads' where a man drowned
The northern most province of Ireland
Old woman character representing Ireland
Eloquent, but dark puppet master in Cal
King of Ulster, son of Nes
Protestant member of Parliament, leader of Bloody Sunday March
Where a bloody fight left the hillside 'blushed'
Known as Scotland in Gaelic
The understanding British prisoner killed in Guests of the Nation
Great hero in Irish Mythology, killed his own son
Commits suicide by jumping from a carriage
Mad at Collins, leads group against treaty in Irish Civil War
Claimed to have killed his father
Kills the Yank, walks into sea to face his death
Son of headmaster, has a rich brother, flees when Yolland killed
Catholic teen who dates a Protestant girl, killed on Bloody Sunday
A copy clerk, sneaks to pubs, and beats his child
Lives with her inlaws, husband was an RUC man
Only person said to know the entire Tain
A daughter of Lir, changed into a swan
Described as decayed, then dead priest
Predominately British during the Troubles
Has 2 aunts, cuts the goose, displeased with Ireland
Harry Boland's girl, stolen by Collins
2nd wife of Lir's, changed children into swans
Where the Bloody Sunday Massacre took place
Revolutionary leader for Irish, signed treaty
Mother of Conchobor in the Tain
Son of Fionn Mac Cumhail, lured away from Ireland for hundreds of years
Carries a milk can, loves Yolland
Spread Christianity in Ireland
Son of the Bull, loves a Tinker
Homeless folks, disliked by wealthy Irish
Loves the wife of the man he helped kill
Where the 'Woman Who Walked into Doors' took place
University student, girl, leader of Bloody Sunday march
Gaelic for here
Laws made to discriminate against Catholics
Criminal in disguise as a ballad singer
Being shot in both knees, ankles, and elbows
Puts a bomb in the library, puppet of Skeffington's
4 kids, wife dies, remarries, children turn into swans
Irish volunteer rebels led by patrick Pearse that took advantage of Britain's war with Germany. This event formed the IRA
a type of delivery in in the game of cricket
A violent group of Catholic nationalists
Director of 'The Field'
the author of 'Translations'
The police force in Nortern Ireland from 1922-2000
a type of 'underground' schooling that Manus taught at in 'Translations'
a book of Irish legends
How do you say 'three' in Gaelic?
organization active in 1960s and 1970s that campaigned for civil rights for the people of Ireland
Author of 'The Playboy of the Western World'
The name (and date) of a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march in Derry were 26 protesters were shot.
After the British left Ireland and the Irish were split between free state soldiers and Irregulars
Wrote 'The Field'
a group of people in favor of a union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland
a group employed by the RIC to suppress revolution in Ireland
the government issued this to detain suspects with out charge after IRA bombing got out of control in 1974
Police force in Ireland pre 1922
Irish Parliament formed in 1919
Led an invasion of Ireland from 1649-1650
Irish Protestants still use his name after he defeated the Catholic monarch James II
Wrote 'Guests of the Nation'
Name (and date) of a day where the IRA was doing assasinations and the RIC shot into a Dublin crowd
Popular singer from Ireland who sings Irish folk songs and pop rock songs about the struggles of Ireland
directed 'Michael Collins'
excommunicated in 1570
How do you say 'twenty' in Gaelic?
this abolished the Irish parliament and formally united Ireland and Britain
The author of 'Quarantine'
nomadic traveling people of Ireland
man made pile of burial stone
a form of punishment used in Northern Ireland by gangs and organizations to maintain control
Political party for the IRA formed in 1905
'the spear of mortal pain' used by cuchulain
Law that entitled Ireland to self-government under British
Prime Minister of the UK who gave the Rep. of North Ireland Ireland an advisory role in the governance of
yelling or wailing
wrote 'Requiem for the Croppies'
Woman Revolutionaist who had a relationship with William Butler Years
a vow or promise
Formed in 1966 to fight Irish nationalist growing after the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising
directed 'Bloody Sunday'
A socialist leader killed after he signed the proclamation for the Easter Rising of 1916
wrote 'Rising of the Moon'
'the great Hunger'
Brought back Christianity to Ireland in the 400s A.D.
Wrote the poems 'Cathleen ni Houlihan' and 'An Irish Airman Foresees his Death' and other poems
warrior and bard in Irish history, son of poet Fionn mac Cumhaill
author of 'Cocktails' and 'Belfast Confetti'
a stick used in an Irish sport

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