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Can you name the U.S. Presidents by height?

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Forced Order
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On numerous license plates6'4
Took the Oath on Air Force 1 6'4
Declared some stuff6'2.5
President a long time6'2
The one that jumps6'2
Tough wife6'2
Didn't like political parties6'1.5
20 reasons you should vote for him6'1
god of the GOP6'1
He likes the health care6'1
Know your African Capitals?6'0
Last name is a first name6'0
Known for being one of the worst ever6'0
He's a fat cat6'0
Possibly has links to a legendary English king6'0
He left his heart(beat) in San Francisco6'0
Cursed family6'0
Never elected6'0
Admitted New Mexico to the Union5'11.5
Known for blocking large amounts of water5'11.5
Actually, he was a crook. 5'11.5
'They misunderestimated me.'5'11.5
His name is a city5'11
His name is on balls5'11
Crusaded in Europe5'10.5
One of the guys no one remembers5'10
Was planned to be killed along with his predecessor5'10
He carried a big stick5'10
On a 'first name' basis with a tiger named Hobbes5'10
Used to farm peanuts, then he built lots of houses5'9.5
Not to be confused with Mildred5'9
Dropped the bomb5'9
Maybe his friends called him Ruthie5'8.5
1st one to die in office5'8
Warred with Mexico5'8
Old Rough and Ready 5'8
Bled the South dry5'8
Lost re-election because his middle name was Quincy5'7.5
Half an inch shorter than his son5'7
Despite his height, has a mountain named after him5'7
Probably just rode his Grandpa's (much longer) coat-tails5'6
Spreekt u Nederlands?5'6
Chased out of Washington by an angry mob5'4

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