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Army of Darkness is a sequel to...
Shop Smart shop_______
What does Ash have to retrieve?
Who helps Ash defeat the Army of Darkness?
What year was the movie released?
What does ash call his shotgun?
Who plays Ash?
Who directed the movie?
Alot of the slap stick humor comes from
How many books are in the grave yard?
What does Ash say after making his bio-mechanical hand?
What are the name of the monsters after Ash?
What are the three words Ash must recite to retrieve the Book?
Where did these words originally come from?
Its a trick get an_____
What does Ash have for a hand?
Good, Bad, I'm the Guy with the_____
Where does Arthur take Ash?
Who gives Ash his chainsaw back?
Who does Ash make sweet, sweet loving too?
Who composed the Army of Darkness theme?
Which hand is Ash missing?
What car does Ash own?
Who is the villain?
Ash is mistaken as a_____
Ash uses what to get out of the pit?
Ash is chased in to an old
What song is Ash singing as he kills his mini self's?
What grows out of his shoulder?
At a quick glance of the cover, what do you think you see on Sheila?
Does Ash correctly recite the words?
I may look good but I feel_____
When Ash is making his new hand, what is the camera constantly doing?
Why does Ash go and get the Book of the Dead?
In the alternate ending, what does ash do?

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